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A Few Waves

Updated: Apr 4, 2022



Charles Grech Café, Valletta

19 November-3December 2014

A few waves is a small collection of paintings inspired by the change of seasons. Finding inspiration from any season is part of what makes landscape painting so enjoyable. We know that change is inevitable, our subject matter is never still.

Every season has its charm but Nickie finds most inspiration from the longing for the long, hot, summer months to move into the cold,windy days, where skies and seas are composed of colourful mixes of not only greys and blues but hints of warm tones seeping through the cold drama.

Nickie studied classical and contemporary art in Florence, she graduated from the University of Malta, and has since ventured on an artistic journey where she has built a large portfolio, has held seven solo exhibitions and participates in collective exhibitions both locally and overseas.

Nickie Sultana follows in her father Arnold Sultana’s footsteps, who has been a major part of her inspiration and dedication to her work.

These seven paintings are all done in oil and acrylic paint through which Nickie wishes to share the beauty, awe and mystery of what lies before our eyes.

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